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No Limit Challenge

A good reason to fish new waters.

Welcome to New Orleans Fly Fishers 2024 No Limit Challenge

An NOFFC Members-Only Event

The 2024 NOFFC No Limit Challenge is a tournament with the purpose of having fun catching as many individual fish species as possible on fly fishing equipment during the 11-month period that kicks off January 1st and ends November 30th at 11:59pm. There is No Limit on where you can fish or the different type of fish species you can catch. Winners will be announced via club email and Social Media. The participant with the highest species count will be christened as the No Limit Champion and recognized with an award with the next two places receiving a special award as well. Additionally, all participants present at the Christmas party will have the tickets they earned, one for each species submitted, entered into a drawing for a nice flyrod. See below for details on rules and awards.

imagejpeg_0(14)David K Jaguar Cichlid_edited.jpg

Jaguar Cichlid caught by David Karcher, 2023 Tournament Champion, photo courtesy of David

Green Sunfish caught during the first species tournament, Big Year, photo courtesy of Kirk Dietrich

Information & Rules


The No Limit Challenge is about getting out on the water with your flyrods and challenging yourself to learn about new species, and the how, when, and where to catch them. Participating in the No Limit Challenge will take you on new adventures in search of different fish species to catch. You may find yourself carrying along your flyrod wherever you travel even on work and family trips taking advantage of opportunities to wet a fly in new waters.


General tournament rules apply as well, read here: General Tournaments Rules and Info


The purpose of the tournament is to catch as many individual fish species as possible on fly fishing equipment.

The tournament format is CPRE (Catch/Photo/Release Encouraged). All you need to participate is a current NOFFC Membership, FFI Membership (Enroll or Renew Memberships here), a phone or camera, fly rod, fly, and of course the fish.


  • When you catch a new-to-you species, simply take a photo of the fish being sure to include the fly rod and/or fly in the frame with the fish. You do not need a token or card in the photo. (See General Photography Guidance and Other Tips on the Tournaments Home Page.)

  • Within 14 days from taking the photo, you must submit the original photograph.

    • To submit your new fish species, come to this web page, and use the Submit Your Fish button above to fill out the catch info. Be sure to upload your LIVE FISH photo at the end of the form.

    • This will allow the Tournament Committee to determine date of catch.

Awards and Prizes

All Participants that submitted fish and are present at the annual Christmas Party will be awarded 1 ticket for each different fish species they submitted during the course of the No Limit Challenge. These tickets will be entered in an exclusive drawing for a chance to win a TFO Blitz Fly Rod; weight of the winner's choice.

  • The owner of the winning ticket of the Blitz fly rod must be present to win.


1st place Champion as well as 2nd, & 3rd place for the highest different species counts at the close of the No Limit Challenge will be recognized at the Christmas Party with a commemorative plaque for their significant accomplishment.

  • If unable to attend the party, they can pick up their plaque at No Wake Outfitters or be presented with it at another event.


  • Tie Breaker: In the unlikely event there is a tie for any of the top 3 places, the participant with more species caught in Louisiana will prevail.

    • If that is tied as well, we will go to the person that turned in their first fish sooner than the other.

ALL Participants are eligible for a complimentary Tournament Decal and option to purchase additional ones after submitting their first fish. Decals may be picked up at No Wake Outfitters or any of the other club event. Tournament stickers will be available after the tournament ends for $3 to anyone wishing to purchase one.

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