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Bull Bream Rodeo

A good reason to be youthful.

Welcome to New Orleans Fly Fishers 2024 Bull Bream Rodeo

An NOFFC Members-Only Event

The 2024 NOFFC Bull Bream Rodeo is a Fly Fishing only event with the purpose of catching bull bream in Louisiana. The benefits are many including rekindling memories of your early fly fishing roots when catching perch was likely what hooked you on fly fishing. Whether you call them perch, bream, patasa, all seem to agree that these fish are some of the most fun to pursue and catch.

The rodeo will begin Easter Monday, April 1st and end Sunday, June 30th, 2024. Allowing 3 months to catch a bull bream and a cumulative length of up to 5 fish (see rules below for details) will provide many opportunities to catch and submit fish. Seeing the entries submitted will provide additional motivation to get out and top your last catch.

There is a prize opportunity for the top three winners in both categories and good food and comradery at the Bull Bream awards function at No Wake Outfitters. While entries submitted will be viewable, official winners will be announced via club email and Social Media. See below for rules and information on prizes for placing in the longest and cumulative length categories.


Information & Rules


The purpose of the tournament is to catch one and/or five long "bream". The longest bream you can expect to catch in Louisiana are typically the Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Warmouth/Goggle Eye and Red Ear/Shell Cracker.

Only fish caught in publicly accessible waters of Louisiana can be submitted. The tournament format is CPRE (Catch/Photo/Release Encouraged)


General tournament rules apply as well, read here: General Tournaments Rules and Info


Tournament Requirements:

  • Current NOFFC Membership and FFI Membership (Enroll or Renew Memberships here).

  • Phone camera or other digital image capturing device capable of clear sharp images.

  • Fly rod and fly.

  • Official 2024 NOFFC measuring sheet, available at No Wake Outfitters. (Fish submissions that use another type tape measure or measuring device will not be accepted.)

  • Only fish caught in publicly accessible waters of Louisiana can be submitted as tournament entries. No private ponds, golf courses, subdivision, or apartment complex ponds, etc.

CPRE Tournament Categories and Guidelines 
  1. The longest entry is considered the Rodeo Champion and first place winner.

    • When you catch a fish longer than your previous entry, you may enter that fish and your previous long fish will be removed from the board.

  2. The longest cumulative 5 fish entered is considered the Rodeo First Place winner.

    • ​​The 5 cumulative fish have to be caught on the same day but are not required to come from the same body of water.

    • If you catch five fish another day that have a longer cumulative length than your previous entry, you may enter those five and your previous five will be removed from the board.


  • Your longest fish can be entered as a cumulative fish entry provided it is caught on the same day as the other four.

  • Remember, when submitting fish for either categories, they do not have to be longer than anyone else's fish as your entries will qualify you for raffle tickets in the end.

  • Photo submission guidelines:

    • When you catch a bream you want to enter, simply take a photo of the fish being sure to line up the fish's lip/s with the "0" on the left of the measuring sheet or bump board and take a picture; be sure to include the fly and/or a portion of the fly rod in the frame with the fish. (You do not need a token or card in the photo.)

    • Within 7 days from taking the photo, you must submit the original photograph.

    • See General Photography Guidance and Other Tips on the Tournaments Home Page for general tips and suggestions on fish photography.

    • Although you are free to keep your fish to eat, only live fish pictures will be accepted, so, be sure to photograph before putting your catch in the ice chest. No driveway, dead fish or ice chest pictures allowed; any entries of this type will be disqualified.

To submit your entries:

  • Come to this web page, and use the Submit Your Fish button above to fill out the catch info. Be sure to upload your LIVE FISH photo at the end of the form.

Awards and Prizes

There are Two Categories:

  1. Longest Bream wins the Rodeo Champion title with bragging rights for the year and a First place commemorative plaque.

  2. The longest cumulative length for up to five fish wins a First place commemorative plaque.


  • First, Second, and Third place in both Categories receive a gift certificate from No Wake Outfitters, amounts to be determined.

  • No one fly fisher can win in both categories.

  • In the event of a tie in either categories, the award will go to the earliest entry.

Tournament Logo Decal:

 ALL Participants will also receive a complimentary Tournament Logo Decal after submitting their first fish. Decals may be picked up at No Wake Outfitters or any of the other club events. Additional stickers will be available for $3 to anyone wishing to purchase one.

  • The data base created from the submission form View Entries Submitted with everyone’s entries, is a great resource to fellow club members. Novice/beginner fly fishers to the experienced will learn more about the flies bream can be caught on and the various waterways they can be found.

    • While the location is requested in the form, you are not required to put your exact honey hole, merely enter the general location/body of water

  • Remember to maximize your sunfish catch potential by going over to the GCC site and go to the GCC Suncatch Challenge page and enter that on-going challenge. Be sure to read the Suncatch rules to be sure your sunfish qualifies. 

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