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NOFFC Tournaments

A good reason to not cut the grass

NOFFC has officially launched its Tournaments Hub with links to club tournaments, general tournament rules and info, tips on photographing your catches, etc. With the multiple tournaments the club hosts, it was decided to have a Tournaments Committee to manage the events; Kirk Dietrich will be the chairman. The committee has some new ideas for expanding the rules and prize options for the NOFFC’s already fun tournaments. For starters, a talented club member, Mac Colvin, will design stickers for the tournaments similar to but different from the already popular Rio Rodeo Sticker and will be available at No Wake Outfitters. Another new idea involves the CPRE (Catch/Photo/Release Encouraged) type tournaments, where participants will submit their fish entries via a form linked on each tournament page. This approach is being practiced by our neighboring clubs and the GCC, and has gained favor amongst their participants.


Various club members fishing on their own or at club events having fun and some with the ulterior motive of landing fish to enter in one of the active tournaments.
Photos courtesy of club members.

Tournament Fun

The New Orleans Fly Fishing tournaments are about getting club members out on the water with their flyrods experiencing new adventures, challenging themselves and above all, having fun. Club members can benefit from connecting with other club members to discuss fish species, share fishing tips, plan joint excursions, etc. Then there is the camaraderie when the tournament is over, which will include some sort of food, drink, and prizes.

General Tournament Rules and Info
  • All NOFFC Tournaments are Fly Fishing only.

  • Unless otherwise stated on the individual tournament page, NOFFC tournaments are only open to members in good standing of the Club, which requires both the NOFFC and Fly Fishers International (FFI) dues be paid prior to participating in the tournament. Enroll or Renew Memberships here

  • Abide by fishing regulations in the area you are fishing, they supersede NOFFC rules.

General Photography and Other Tips
  • Don't lose your camera in the water. Invest in a tether or make your own from paracord to help keep your phone handy for getting a picture of your trophy.

    • To make your own tether, check out DIY YouTube videos on making various styles for different types of phones.

  • Tournament photographs must include the fish with the flyrod and/or the fly used.

    • Take more than one photo to ensure you get a good one; if there is a problem identifying your fish, one of the other photos may provide a better look.​

  • Photos shall be taken of live fish at the time it was caught.

    • Photos of fish lying in dirt or sand are discouraged.

    • Photos of fish in an ice chest, driveway, cleaning table, etc., will -NOT- be accepted!

  • Frame the photo so the fish's entire side from lips to tail and dorsal fin to belly, are visible.

    • The fish should encompass a significant part of the photo image, so that when enlarged or cropped, no detail is lost.

  • Photos should be clear/sharp. (Be sure your camera lens is clean, free of smudges, dirt, water drops, etc.)

    • Avoid taking the photo with strong light in the background (fish gets too dark) or using a strong flash (fish gets too bright). Good quality photos may be used on the club's website with your permission.

  • Make sure your camera/phone has the correct date stamp as the photo metadata will be used for validation.

  • Please use safe handling and release techniques while photographing the fish. Try and wet your hands prior to handling the fish. The website has best practices on handling fish and taking fish photos safely.

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