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2023 NOFFC Fly Fisher of the Year

An NOFFC Member with incredible skills, experience, and contributions to the club and the sport of fly fishing!


Congratulations to Kirk Dietrich

2023 NOFFC Fly Fisher of the Year!


Kirk is a multitalented Fly Fisher, Fly Tyer, Fly Fishing Ambassador and all-round great sportsman willing to share all that he knows about our sport with others.  Kirk recently accepted the role of NOFFC Tournaments Director, and has implemented the Tournaments webpage on the NOFFC website.  Kirk regularly participates and assists our members during Fly Casting and Fly Tying clinics, and is a prolific Fly Tyer in his own right. 

If it swims, Kirk can catch it!

Kirk was announced Fly Fisher of the Year at the recent NOFFC Annual Christmas gathering at Skeeta Hawk Brewery, and received an award plaque presented by club president Anthony Rosenbohm.

Annual Fly Swap

Twelve club members exchanged flies with each other at the annual Christmas Party, December 13, 2023 at Skeeta Hawk Brewery.

Each fly represented shrimp patterns, an as you can see in the photo, some interesting patterns were tied!

Thanks to all the fly tyers that participated! Well done!

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