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NOFFC Rio Rodeo

A good reason to catch an invasive species.

Welcome to New Orleans Fly Fishers Club

2024 Rio Grande Cichlid Rodeo

The 14th Annual Rio Grande Rodeo, Fly Fishing only event (sponsored by the New Orleans Fly Fishers Club), will be held on September 28th, 2024, 7:30am to 12:30pm (weigh-in)(safe-light start for pre-registration) and is open to all fly fishing enthusiasts

  • Members of NOFFC will be at No Wake Outfitters, located at 1926 Airline Drive in Metairie, LA at the weigh-in site at 7:00am to answer any questions you may have and take any late registrations.

  • Registration and weigh-in site: No Wake Outfitters 1926 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA 70001.

  • Look for the NOFFC and Rio Grande Rodeo signs in the parking lot.

Information & Rules

NOFFC is hosting the 15th Annual Rio Grande Rodeo, and this event is open to anyone with a fly fishing interest.  Please find the information and rules below that will govern the event.  Tight Lines!


This tournament is open to all fly fishing enthusiast. (One of the best ways to learn about all things fly fishing is to join your local fly fishing club. If you are not a member of a club we can get you the information on how to join one in your area).


There will be two categories that prizes will be awarded:

  1. Longest Rio Grande Cichlid wins the Rodeo Champion title with bragging rights for the year and a First place commemorative plaque. 

  2. Most Rios Caught by a fly fisher gets the First place commemorative plaque.

  • In the event of a tie for the longest fish, the award will go to the fish with the largest girth measurement taken at the front of the pectoral fins.

  • In the event of a tie for the most number of fish, the winner will be determined by blind draw.

  • Please remember to check-in your fish when you arrive at weigh-in.

  • Entrants may only enter one fish in the longest fish division and no one fly fisher can win with both largest and most categories.

  • There is a $20 registration fee, payable using Venmo or Check.

    • You can pay via check made out to New Orleans Fly Fishers Club, Venmo (New Orleans Fly Fishers Club @NewOrleansFly Fishers Club) or Pay Pal. (please add $1.25 service fee if using Pay Pal). Please note on the check that it is for the Rio Grande Rodeo.

  • Registration forms are available on the NOFFC Facebook page as well as on our website: ( ).

  • Deadline for in-person registration the day of the rodeo is 7:30 am at No Wake Outfitters. If you have not registered before this time you will not be eligible to participate.

  • Deadline for early pre-rodeo day registration mail-in or walk-in (No Wake Outfitters) check or on-line VENMO, is COB Saturday prior to the rodeo.

    • Pre-registration allows you to get started fishing at first safe light.​

  • We will mail your card to you if you choose to register by mail. This will save those that wish to fish outside of the headquarters area the trouble of having to register that morning.


We will host a seminar on fishing for the Rio Grande Cichlid the Thursday prior to the rodeo on ZOOM! It will start at 7:00 PM. 

Fishing Rules
  • Fly fishers may fish for the Rio Grande Cichlid in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Charles and Plaquemines Parishes.

    • Legal fishing area is bounded by all of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Charles and Plaquemines Parishes (Eastbank & Westbank) publicly accessed bodies of water only. Fishing is not allowed in any areas of the City Park golf courses or apartment complex ponds. Any participant fishing these areas will be immediately disqualified.

  • The Rio Grande Cichlid is considered an invasive species that the LA Dept. of Wildlife; Fisheries has asked be removed from local waters. Because the tournament will be a “kill” tournament, please do not return Rio’s to the water, no matter the size.

    • Please bring all fish with you to the weigh-in. Submit any size fish you catch as it may qualify for one of the prizes.

This is a FLY Fishing ONLY event. Legal entries are limited to fish only caught with artificial flies on fly rods.


Time Limit

All participants entering fish must be in line at No Wake Outfitters by 12:30 PM. Anyone in line after this time will not be allowed to enter their fish.


Center, 2019 Rio Rodeo Participants.

Left, 1st largest, Ricky Bonzeck (10" fish). Right, 1st most, Bill DeCastro (69 fish).

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