Saturday, August 18, 2018

NOFFC Casting Clinic Recap

Last weekend, the New Orleans Fly Fishers Club hosted a free casting clinic that was open to the public. This event was an opportunity for the Club to reach out to the public and teach them more about the sport of Fly Fishing. Lifetime Member and Casting Instructor Tom Jindra served as the instructor for the Casting Clinic.
Tom Jindra instructs Clinic Participants on how to properly assemble their flyrods.
First, Tom instructed anglers on the best methods of assembling their fly rods, seating the reel and stringing up the rod. Once everyone's rods and reels were ready, participants moved to the banks of Bayou St. John, where the real education began! Tom then instructed everyone on proper technique for one of the fundamental casts in flyfishing, the roll cast. Once everyone became familiar with the roll cast, the next cast everyone learned was the Pick-Up and Lay-Down.

Tom Jindra demonstrating how to perform a proper roll-cast.
This Casting Clinic was a great success! It was a beautiful morning on Bayou St. John! We had 19 people with varying degrees of flycasting experience participate in our Casting Clinic. All participants learned a great deal, and were able to improve upon their casting technique. Additionally, the Club gained 2 new members, Ric & Natalie Bonzchek, who participated in Casting Clinic, as well!

The New Orleans Fly Fishers Club would like to thank Tom Jindra for volunteering his time to lead our casting clinic! Tom is an incredible teacher, and everyone learned much from your instruction and leadership. The Club would also like to recognize the following members who assisted Tom with the casting clinic, and helped organize the event. A.J. Rosenbohm, Al Kellogg, Jimmie Hyatt, Joe Bandera, Sean Gilthorpe. Your efforts also helped make this a successful event.

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  1. I'm sorry that I couldn't make it since I need all the help that I can get concerning casting.


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