Tuesday, December 26, 2017

To The Future!!!

Looking Ahead to 2018!!!

I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for the club!  At the October 2017 general membership meeting, members elected the Board of Directors and Chair Persons for the upcoming year.  The 1st Board Meeting of 2018 will be held January 4th at the St. Francis Xavier Parish Center- Metairie, LA.  At this meeting, the Board of Directors will discuss plans and opportunities for the Club in the upcoming year.  As always, all members of the club are welcome to attend the board meeting.  Attending the board meetings is a great opportunity for everyone to have input. 

2018 Board of Directors and Chair Persons
President: A.J. Rosenbohm
Vice President: Jimmie Hyatt
Treasurer: Al Kellogg
Secretary: Ray Baltz
Past President: Jack Crais
Events Chair: Jimmie Hyatt
Membership Chair: Jack Crais
Tying Chair: Joe Bandera

2018 Outings

Something that has been discussed by our members is more club outings, specifically fishing trips.  While the club does have a fair number of fishing outings locally, some members have shown an interest in participating in an over night club trip.  Other clubs in our Council organize similar trips, the Red Stick Fly Fishers have their Grand Isle Weekend, as well as Spring and Fall trips to Lake Concordia.  The Contraband Fly Casters also have annual trips to Arkansas.  These trips are a great opportunity to boost camaraderie among members, as well as broaden one's fishing experiences.  If you have any thoughts or ideas for future club outings, please attend the Board Meeting on January 4th, as well as other future board meetings, to provide your input and discuss future opportunities.

Possible Changes of Dates for Weeknight Meetings and Classes
The Club has hosted the general membership meetings and fly tying classes on Thursday nights for a long time.  However, there has been some discussion in the past about possibly change the day of the week general meetings and fly tying classes are held.  If you feel there is a day of the week that would better accommodate everyone's schedules, please come to the Board Meeting on January 4th to provide your input.  It is very important to have your voice heard if the meeting dates are a concern.

Fly Tying Classes - Patterns and Techniques

For those who may not know, the Club hosts fly tying classes twice monthly, on the 2nd floor of the St. Francis Xavier Parish Center - Metairie, LA.  Offering both a beginners class, as well as an intermediate/advanced class, there is a great opportunity to either learn the basics or expand your knowledge of fly tying.  As always, the tying instructors are open to suggestions with regards to fly patterns and tying techniques to teach.  If you have a specific fly type, pattern, or technique you would like to learn, feel free to ask the instructors, and we will do our best to work these topics into the upcoming classes.

Thank you for reading this post!  We'll be continuing to use this site as a way to keep everyone informed of club happenings and other events.

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