Tuesday, December 26, 2017

To The Future!!!

Looking Ahead to 2018!!!

I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for the club!  At the October 2017 general membership meeting, members elected the Board of Directors and Chair Persons for the upcoming year.  The 1st Board Meeting of 2018 will be held January 4th at the St. Francis Xavier Parish Center- Metairie, LA.  At this meeting, the Board of Directors will discuss plans and opportunities for the Club in the upcoming year.  As always, all members of the club are welcome to attend the board meeting.  Attending the board meetings is a great opportunity for everyone to have input. 

2018 Board of Directors and Chair Persons
President: A.J. Rosenbohm
Vice President: Jimmie Hyatt
Treasurer: Al Kellogg
Secretary: Ray Baltz
Past President: Jack Crais
Events Chair: Jimmie Hyatt
Membership Chair: Jack Crais
Tying Chair: Joe Bandera

2018 Outings

Something that has been discussed by our members is more club outings, specifically fishing trips.  While the club does have a fair number of fishing outings locally, some members have shown an interest in participating in an over night club trip.  Other clubs in our Council organize similar trips, the Red Stick Fly Fishers have their Grand Isle Weekend, as well as Spring and Fall trips to Lake Concordia.  The Contraband Fly Casters also have annual trips to Arkansas.  These trips are a great opportunity to boost camaraderie among members, as well as broaden one's fishing experiences.  If you have any thoughts or ideas for future club outings, please attend the Board Meeting on January 4th, as well as other future board meetings, to provide your input and discuss future opportunities.

Possible Changes of Dates for Weeknight Meetings and Classes
The Club has hosted the general membership meetings and fly tying classes on Thursday nights for a long time.  However, there has been some discussion in the past about possibly change the day of the week general meetings and fly tying classes are held.  If you feel there is a day of the week that would better accommodate everyone's schedules, please come to the Board Meeting on January 4th to provide your input.  It is very important to have your voice heard if the meeting dates are a concern.

Fly Tying Classes - Patterns and Techniques

For those who may not know, the Club hosts fly tying classes twice monthly, on the 2nd floor of the St. Francis Xavier Parish Center - Metairie, LA.  Offering both a beginners class, as well as an intermediate/advanced class, there is a great opportunity to either learn the basics or expand your knowledge of fly tying.  As always, the tying instructors are open to suggestions with regards to fly patterns and tying techniques to teach.  If you have a specific fly type, pattern, or technique you would like to learn, feel free to ask the instructors, and we will do our best to work these topics into the upcoming classes.

Thank you for reading this post!  We'll be continuing to use this site as a way to keep everyone informed of club happenings and other events.

Reflecting on 2017

A Look Back...

Well, another year is in the books!  2017 was an active year for the New Orleans Fly Fishers Club.  Many members attended our monthly meetings and listened to guest speakers presented on a wide range of topics ranging from fishing techniques, conservation, and local fishing opportunities. The club also hosted fly tying classes twice a month.  Aside from these regular club functions, here are some of the highlights from this year.

Members Approve Youth Membership
This year members voted, and passed, changes to the club's articles of incorporation that allow for those under the age of 18 membership to the club.  This is exciting news, as it will allow for more youth participation within the club!  This change is also a great opportunity for the club to further promote fly fishing within our community, and possibly use this as an opportunity to increase our club membership. 

2017 GCC Expo Participation  

The Club has been active with the Gulf Coast Council Expo since it's early years in Ocean Springs, MS, and this year was no different!  Many of our Club's knowledgeable fly tiers once again participated in the Expo as guest tiers.  These tiers help make the event truly special by sharing their passion with others who are new to the sport, or those who are interested in learning different techniques. 

2017 FFI Gulf Coast Council Education Award

It is because of our member's participation in events like the GCC Expo, City Park Big Bass Rodeo, and making demonstrations at local high schools, that the Club was also awarded the FFI Gulf Coast Council Education Award.  This is awarded to an individual or club has made outstanding contributions to passing along the art of fly fishing to others.  Our members have a broad based knowledge of all things fly fishing, and we are always willing to share that knowledge with others.  Receiving this award is a great honor, and shows our commitment to further promote fly fishing, conservation, and education within our community.

9th Annual Rio Rodeo

2017 also brought about the 9th Annual Rio Rodeo.  Despite there being a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, attendance was still strong.  Participants were able to land quite a few fish before the rain started falling.  This year's rodeo also drew participants from Texas and Mississippi.  In recent years, the club has used the Rio Rodeo as an opportunity to give back to the community.  All proceeds raised from the 9th Annual Rio Rodeo were donated to Casting for Recovery.  This is an organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a unique retreat program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.  The Rio Rodeo continues to be a premier fly fishing tournament.  This upcoming Rio Rodeo will be a truly special event, as we'll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Rio Rodeo!

Iron Fly 2017

For the last 3 years, the New Orleans Fly Fishers have been hosting an annual Iron Fly competition.  The Fly Tying Program Chairman selects the hooks and materials to be used in the competition.  Each pack of materials is assigned a number, to help ensure a truly blind judging of the entries.  Then the competing tiers have 15 minutes to create a fly with the provided materials.  This is a fun contest that not only helps fly tiers refine their skills, but also show off their creativity.  Upon completion of the 15 minutes, the flies are submitted with their respective numbers tagged on the flies.  The judges then rate the flies based on use of material, creativity, and technical skill.  This year's winner was Sean Gilthorpe, who received his trophy from Fly Tying Program Chair and Lifetime Member, Joe Bandera.

I would like to thank the members of the New Orleans Fly Fishers for making this club as great as it is!  You and your efforts with this club truly what makes us special!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year!  I hope to see you at the next meeting!

Friday, October 27, 2017

New Orleans Fly Fishers Club Annual Banquet - 11/4/17 @ 6:30pm

The New Orleans Fly Fishers Club's Annual Banquet will take place on Saturday, November 4th, 2017. All are welcome to attend and celebrate another great year of flyfishing, friendship, and fun!  This year’s banquet will be held at Porter and Luke’s Restaurant on Metairie Road.  Dinner will be served at 7pm, guest are encouraged to arrive at 6:30pm.


The cost to attend the banquet is $45.00 per person.  See Al Kellogg or Mariana the night of the event, as they will be collecting the money.

There will be a cash bar, and dinner will be 4 courses, which includes the following:

Fried Eggplant Sticks
Hot Blue Crab Dip
(Set on table family style)

Soup or Salad:
Choice of Gumbo, Turtle, Soup du jour
Or House Salad

Entrée (choose one):
Veal Parmesan
Catch of The Day
Eggplant Vincent

Choice of Bread Pudding or Vanilla Ice Cream

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our guest speaker had to cancel, but we are working on having someone make a presentation.

This is the NOFFC's annual fund-raiser, and we will have prizes for both raffles and a gambler's draw. Here's a listing of prizes available at this year's banquet, so far:

Fly Rods:
TFO Professional 8' 4wt. (4 pcs.)
Custom Built Batson 9' 7wt. (4 pcs.)

Fly Reels:
Cabela's CGR 5/6 Fly Reel
Orvis Hydros - Size 1

Fly Line:
Teeny WF3F Fly Line

Orvis Sun Protection Package (hat & buff)
TFO hats

Fly Tying:
Custom Fly Tying Station (Made by Joe Illg)

There will be various fly boxes and assortments tied by our members

While we have these items available, we appreciate the generosity of the fly fishing community, and we are open to receiving additional donations of unused or gently used fly fishing related items to use as raffle prizes. Please let me know if you have any items you would like to donate. 

We hope you can attend and we look forward to seeing everyone!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

October 26th meeting - Time to Vote!

New Orleans Fly Fishers monthly meeting
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Lakeshore Bait and Marina, 7900 Lakeshore Drive (across the parking lot from the The Blue Crab Restaurant)

** NOTE: At this special meeting we'll vote on proposed changes to the NOFFC’s Articles of Incorporation. Also, we'll vote on the 2018 Board of Directors.

Proposed Articles Changes: All club members in good standing as of September 7th, 2017, will be allowed to vote in this important election. All active members were mailed proxy vote forms last week. Please be sure to fill out the PROXY forms and mail them in. As of this e-mail we have only received 20 proxy forms. Please be sure to mail your proxy forms in, even if you plan to be there. 

Even if you plan to attend the meeting you should fill out the form. Sometimes things come up that may interfere with your plans. If you make it to the meeting we will tear up your proxy form and you may vote in person. We need a 2/3 “YES” vote of the entire active membership to pass the proposed changes. If you don’t vote that is the equivalent of a “NO” vote. The Board of Directors is unanimously in favor of passing the proposed changes. Please feel free to call or e-mail A.J. Rosenbahm if you have any questions.

Board of Directors: Following the vote on the AOI, we'll hold an election for the 2018 Board of Directors.

Meeting: After the board vote, we'll follow with the general meeting agenda. Bring your fishing reports! And also a fly or $1 for the Fly Swap Raffle.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

NOFFC Open House November 11

The club will hold an open house on Saturday, November 11th, 2017, at City Park from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM. This will take place in the meadow next to the New Orleans Museum of Art. This will be an opportunity for the club to let the public see what fly fishing and the club is all about. We will have casting contests, casting lessons, fly tying demonstrations and some giveaways. We will need volunteers to help. This has resulted in new members in the past. We will need volunteers to help throughout the day.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

NOFFC Banquet - November 4th

The Annual Club Banquet will take place on Saturday, November 4th, 2017. This year’s banquet will be held at Porter and Luke’s Restaurant on Metairie Road. Details will be coming regarding the program and menu as we get them nailed down. Mark Pinsel will be this year’s speaker.

This is the club’s annual fund-raiser. We will be looking for prize donations for the auction items. Please let one of the board members know if you have any items you would like to donate. If you have any pictures from your fly fishing adventures, either from this year or past years, please email them to A.J..  He will be putting a slide show together for the banquet.  Thanks!

Club Fall Outing October 21st

For club members, our Fall trip to Clarke’s farm is scheduled for Saturday, October 21st, 2017. Clarke has been hard at work cutting the grass around the ponds. The gates of the farm will be opened at 6:00 AM. Fishing will begin shortly thereafter. If you did not receive the email with specifics and directions, please contact A.J.

October 19th fly tying

The second of our twice monthly fly tying classes will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2017, at the St. Francis Xavier Church Building at 7:00 PM, located at 444 Metairie Road. Please bring $1 to give to the instructor to cover the cost of materials. See you there!

Friday, September 22, 2017

September 29th meeting - Catching Rios on Fly Rod

New Orleans Fly Fishers monthly meeting
Thursday, September 29, 2017
Lakeshore Bait and Marina, 7900 Lakeshore Drive (across the parking lot from the The Blue Crab Restaurant)

For those interested in fishing the Rio Rodeo on October 7th - or just interested in fly fishing for this unique gamefish - our own Sean Gilthorpe will be doing a presentation on the species. Sean will cover tactics, flies, best habitat, etc.

Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting, even if you aren't a club member.

Prior to the meeting, a number of us will meet at the restaurant around 5:30pm - 6:00pm for food and adult beverages. Please feel free to join us!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Make plans for next month's Rio Rodeo!

9th annual Rio Grande Rodeo
Saturday, October 7, 2018
New Orleans City Park
Sponsored by New Orleans Fly Fishers
$10 entry fee
All proceeds go to Casting for Recovery

Mail-in registration deadline - September 30
Onsite registration deadline - October 7, 8:00am

This tournament is fly fishing only for the Rio Grande Cichlid. All entry fish must be caught on artificial flies. Longest rio wins top prize and bragging rights for the year!

Onsite registration and weigh-in at intersection of Henry Thomas Drive and Palm Drive (under the oak trees across from the Blue Rose art sculpture). Look for the NOFF sign and tent.

7:00am to 8:00am - on site registration
8:00am to 12 noon - fishing
12 noon - weigh-in deadline

For complete details, including rules and registration forms, go to our RIO RODEO page.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Gulf Coast Fly Fishing Fair - Sept. 15-16

2017 Gulf Coast Fly Fishing Fair
September 15-16, 2017
Ocean Springs Civic Center
3730 Bienville Blvd.,  Ocean Springs, MS
FREE admission!

Sponsored by the Gulf Coast Council - Fly Fishers International (FFI). The Gulf Coast Fly Fair features free presentations, casting lessons, beginner classes, tying demonstrations, auctions and raffles, and more. And best of all, it's FREE!

For those looking to improve their fly casting skills, the GCC Fair offers the largest contingent of FFI Certified and Master Certified instructors of any event on the Gulf Coast.  Also, Boy and Girl Scouts have the opportunity to work on their Fly Fishing Merit Badge.

The Friday night casual buffet and Awards Dinner will be held also at the OSCC. It will feature an auction rich with prizes including art, fly tackle, guided trips, award winning fly plates, and much more. Along with the day raffles, proceeds will benefit the Gulf Coast Marine Research Lab, and conservation projects within the council boundaries of Louisiana, Mississippi, south Alabama and Florida panhandle.

More details - including a schedule of events and programs - can be found at www.gulfcoastfff.org.